Sharon Connors 

      Speaker, Author & Coach

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"For almost two years I have been supported, challenged and healed through powerful coaching sessions with Sharon Connors. I have discovered renewed strength and wisdom within myself, and have been able to more effectively and peacefully balance the many demands of ministry, family and continued personal growth.
With clarity, insight and kindness, Rev. Sharon has guided me to the heart of the most delicate and challenging matters, and helped me access the core of the Truth that is within.
I have learned to move forward in life with greater confidence and poise, and to trust myself and God in new and greater ways."

Molly Rockey
Unity of the Oaks



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Sharon Connors, MA, PCC

 International Coach Federation

California Counseling Association

Personal Growth & Business Coach, ​Board &
​Leadership Development, Keynote & Conference 


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"Sharon was a great resource for me when I was considering a very big change in my life; retirement from a career in ministry. I had a lot of mixed feelings. She provided the tools and coached me through the process of looking at my priorities and making a decision that worked for me."

Tom Catlin

Prescott, AZ

"As a result of coaching with Sharon, I find I am now enjoying tasks and activities that were previously at best tolerable, and at worst dreaded. As health is one of my life intentions, I am now often preparing healthy meals and foods for myself, and with joy. I'm making time to schedule regular outings; movies, concerts, or theater. My work has even become easier and much more enjoyable. I observe myself calmer, more peaceful and certainly more joyful!
I'm so grateful for the differences. I'm looking forward to my days now, and I'm so grateful to Sharon for making such a huge difference in my life!"

Sharon Allmond
St. Louis, MO.