Sharon Connors 

      Speaker, Author & Coach

Sharon Connors and Associates is a coaching and training organization dedicated to helping individuals, non-profit and for-profit organizations,its leaders and teams reignite their passion, believe in their personal greatness, and discover their core strengths and how to use them to move past obstacles and self-limiting internal conversations to achieve significant results,  to accomplish goals worth playing for, and to maximize their contribution to themselves, others, and the organization.



Sharon Connors, MA, PCC

 International Coach Federation

California Counseling Association


Personal Growth & Business Coach, ​Board &
​Leadership Development, Keynote & Conference 


"Resilience To Brillinace​​​"

  • Stay inspired & engergized in the midst of change
  • Empower your hopes & dreams
  • Recover the sacred in yourself and your work

"Unleash Your Creativity"

  • Identify your core strengths
  • See how to move past self-limiting conversations
  • Discover 3 practices that open the portals of your creativity & joy

"Change You Can Believe in & Beliefs You Can Change in"

  • Explore the most important choice you can make
  • Learn principles to make changes that empower you
  • Discover 3 dimensions of gratitude that change everything​​

"This Is Where The Magic Is"

  • Learn how to  maintain clear focus
  • Discover ways to tap into your true power
  • Explore how to grow your confidence

Sharon Connors is a Personal Growth and Business Coach with over 20 years of experience as a CEO.  Along with a gift for Team Building, Sharon has the ability to marry innovative strategies to realizing one’s goals and dreams.  Having launched 3 businesses of her own, along with being a church leader, she knows how to build successful teams and organizations.   She is a sought-after speaker and facilitator who has been a Conference Presenter and Keynote Speaker. ​​
She has a BA from Michigan State in Spanish & Business and an MA in Vocational Counseling from Northeastern Illinois University.  Sharon has been an educator of children and adults.

People hire Sharon when they want:

  • to be energized & inspired to play at the top of their game
  • to be resilient & innovative in the face of change
  • to experience unleashing their creativity
  • to have practical ways to increase their joy & take action on their dreams


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