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People hire Sharon when they want:

  • to be energized & inspired to play at the top of their game
  • to be resilient & innovative in the face of change
  • to experience unleashing their creativity
  • to have practical ways to increase their joy & take action on their dreams


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Sharon Connors, MA, PCC

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California Counseling Association

Sharon Connors and Associates is a coaching and training organization dedicated to helping individuals, non-profit and for-profit organizations,its leaders and teams reignite their passion, believe in their personal greatness, and discover their core strengths and how to use them to move past obstacles and self-limiting internal conversations to achieve significant results,  to accomplish goals worth playing for, and to maximize their contribution to themselves, others, and the organization.


"Resilience To Brillinace​​​"

  • Stay inspired & engergized in the midst of change
  • Empower your hopes & dreams
  • Recover the sacred in yourself and your work

"Unleash Your Creativity"

  • Identify your core strengths
  • See how to move past self-limiting conversations
  • Discover 3 practices that open the portals of your creativity & joy

"Change You Can Believe in & Beliefs You Can Change in"

  • Explore the most important choice you can make
  • Learn principles to make changes that empower you
  • Discover 3 dimensions of gratitude that change everything

"Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life"

  • See how your strengths & growing edges show up in your writing
  • Learn how expand your strengths
  • Explore your learning preferences & styles

"This Is Where The Magic Is"

  • Learn how to  maintain clear focus
  • Discover ways to tap into your true power
  • Explore how to grow your confidence

Sharon Connors is a Personal Growth and Business Coach with over 20 years of experience as a CEO.  Along with a gift for Team Building, Sharon has the ability to marry innovative strategies to realizing one’s goals and dreams.  Having launched 3 businesses of her own, along with being a church leader, she knows how to build successful teams and organizations.   She is a sought-after speaker and facilitator who has been a Conference Presenter and Keynote Speaker. ​​
She has a BA from Michigan State in Spanish & Business and an MA in Vocational Counseling from Northeastern Illinois University.  Sharon has been an educator of children and adults.